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Alma the composer
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Alma Fetish

The Puppet
Reserl (Chamber Maid)
Emil Jakob Schindler, father
Anna von Bergen, mother
Carl Moll, stepfather
Maria Anna Mahler, daughter
Anna Mahler, daughter
Manon Gropius, daughter
Martin Carl Johannes, son
Berta Zuckerkandl
Max Burckhard
Bruno Walter
Sigmund Freud
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Hanns Martin Elster
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Gustav Klimt
painter & Alma´s lover

In her diaries, Alma describes her three principal love-affairs - with Klimt,
Zemlinsky and Mahler - in meticulous detail. Strangely enough, almost every episode of the Klimt saga is recounted weeks later. The explanationcan be found in her Autobiography:

"Here our love was cruelly destroyed by my mother. She broke her word of honour, read the stammerings I wrote down in my diary and hence knew all about my love-affair. And—horror of horrors—she read that Klimt had kissed me!"

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