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Alma Fetish

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Emil Jakob Schindler, father
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Anna von Bergen (1857-1938)
singer & Alma´s mother

Alma´s mother came to Vienna from her native city of Hamburg as operetta singer. Her girlish charm and cheerful nature immediately caught the eye of renowned landscape painter Emil Schindler. On 31st August 1879 she bore him their daughter Alma. Outwardly, Almaâs mother was the most faithful of all wives, but when Alma was two years old, she acquired a sister, Grete, who was the child of a syphilitic father and later the victim of euthanasia under the Nazis. After Schindler´s death, Alma´s mother married the young painter Carl Moll, with whom she had been having an affair for a considerable time.

Anna von Bergen-Schindler with her daughters Alma and Grete Anna Moll in Venice
Above: Anna von Bergen-Schindler with her daughters Alma and Grete
Left: Anna Moll in Venice