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Max Burckhard (1854-1912)
Director of the Burgtheater & Alma´s mentor

Max Burckhard
Max Burckhard

Max Burckhard, a lawyer, became director of the theatre on May 12, 1890. He remained director of the theatre for eight years. He brought a fresh perspective to the theatre and introduced Sunday matinees at a reduced cost in order to widen their audience. He later remarked that the less wealthy audiences were the most "critically acute". While director, he remodeled the auditorium in the spring and summer of 1897, and introduced contemporary drama by Henrik Ibsen, Gerhart Hauptmann, Arthur Schnitzler, Hugo von Hofmannsthal to the Viennese audience as well as Austrian classics by Ludwig Anzengruber and Ferdinand Raimund. He hired famous actors like Friedrich Mitterwurzer, Adele Sandrock, Lotte Medelsky, Otto Tressler, Hedwig Bleibtreu and Josef Kainz. Burckhard was dismissed from his role of director in January 1898 because he closed the theatre mid-season for renovations.

The Burgtheater began in 1741, and is till now the leading playhouse in Austria. The Burgtheater is the second-oldest theatre still in existence (second only to The Comedie Francaise). The theatre was the former imperial court theatre in Austria and one of the most important theatres in Europe. The theatre seats 1175, with additional standing room.

Max Burckhard, Josef Kainz
Max Burckhard
above: Max Burckhard
left: Max Burckhard with actor Josef Kainz